Bulletin Board
                                   Swimming                            Safety Light sticks preparing for swimming at night
                                                  Map Showing Swim Route
                                                    26 September 2017 - Successful Crossing of English Channel
                                                     Steffan Sarkin Time: 13 hrs 15 minutes 
Start Time 2.00am Finished at 3.45pm
Getting greased up before swim 

Map SHowing Ship Traffic when swimming the Channel. Orange track is a swimmer.
      Pre Swim Meeting on Pilot Boat                           With Pilot James King and his dad Andy King
                   Channel Pilot Boat - Louise Jane 
                       Swimming accross the shipping lanes in the Channel - 500 of these BIG ships come through on a daily basis
        Varne Ridge Lightship - Main Lighthouse Warning of Low Lying area of Channel
           Quite a sight when swimming during the night - lights up the Channel
          Dover Harbor Entrance with White Cliffs in Background
               Looking out of Dover Harbor Accross Channel to France 
                                                        Charity Banner 
           Aerial View of Channel (Dover-England on Left and CapGriz Nez France on Right) 
     Channel Crew (Left to Right - James King (Chief Pilot,  Andy (crewhand, Tim Denyer (the tall guy) - Main Swim Coach taking care of me), Andy (crewhand), Steffan (swimmer)
                Signing name on wall at WHITE HORSE INN PUB, the oldest pub in Dover, England...a long standing tradition among Channel swimmers
                             Illustration of White Cliffs of Dover - Where the Swim Crossing Starts
                  Swim Route - start at Dover on left and end at Cap Griz Nez (France) on right
                                               Swimming Photos
                   On England Side                                           Less than 1 mile to finish at Cap Griz Nez
                                                       PROFILE PHOTOS
                                     Dressed for Crewing on Channel Pilot Boat - Louise Jane
                             Noah throwing out feed bottle from Pilot Boat 
                                 Left to Right - Cade and Noah on Channel Boat
                                               On Channel Pilot boat - Louise Jane  
                                         Kalk Bay - South Africa Trip 2019 
                                                          OTHER PHOTOS
                                                               Swim Charity Banner 
       Plaque Installed at Arkansas Childens Hospital - recognizing US $100,000 raised for the hospital