The English Channel Challenge

"God’s greatest moments happen on the other side of risk"
" Champions are made from something,
                  they have deep inside them,a desire, a dream, a vision.
       They have to have last minute stamina,
They have to be a little faster,
They have to have the skill and the will.
                 - Muhammad Ali 

 First English Channel Crossing - September 23, 2011 - Somewhere Mid-crossing.


Quick, informed, efficient and experienced decisions saved Noah's life.   Noah’s injury was acute and life threatening. There are other Noahs out there but unfortunately there are also those children who fight ongoing and in some cases life threatening illnesses, and who don’t have short hospital stays like Noah's 5 days,  but are long term patients. Many of these children have families who cannot afford to travel to be with their children or simply cannot take time off work to do so. Many of these children are alone and must be scared without the comfort of having their families around them. The Arkansas Children's Hospital has done an amazing job over the years, offering programs, including financial assistance to families for travel and lodging and providing  fun and interactive environments inside the hospital for the children. These programs are only possible through donations from the public as they are not a paid for service provided by the  Arkansas Children's Hospital . The needs and demands are high and involve significant effort by the  Arkansas Children's Hospital Foundation to raise needed funds to maintain and sustain these programs so that  Arkansas Children's Hospital  will meet and exceed its mission to improve, restore and sustain the health of all children.

Our family was blessed beyond imagination. Our stay at the hospital was short and we were very fortunate that we had good medical insurance and were given time from work to be with Noah all the way through. When we thought about how we could say thanks and give back something, the idea surfaced to do an extreme personal challenge to raise funds for Arkansas Children's Hospital. Swimming the English Channel was the first, followed by other extreme open water swim challenges both in the USA and in Europe.  Although this may sound daunting, it was cosidered a worthwhile pursuit to celebrate the successes of Arkansas Children's Hospital like Noah, and raise needed funds for the continuation of the work at hand and the work ahead, work that is itself a never ending English Channel crossing. In taking on this Challenge, our family hopes to do a little part to ensure that every child tucked in at night at Arkansas Children's Hospital can feel like a child and not a patient.
Dover Harbor -  English Channel September 2013